Maeve Ava✨

Donated: € 1.577,50
Goal: € 8.500,00

June 15th this year was the day that Maeve showed the very first symptoms (see video) 2.5 days later she died😔... due to meningitis (streptoccocen A).

Next year on June 15th I will walk 50 km to raise money for the I'tsME foundation.

Please help us fight meningitis. It is necessary as you can see in Maeve's story. Let’s try to reduce these terrible stories🙏✨👼🏼
Thank you so much💕

Her story on instagram: lindsey_enajat or itsme_foundation

The It’sME foundation raises money to enable scientific research in the fight against Meningitis and Encephalitis. To increase the chance of a cure this is badly needed. The aim is to provide leading researchers conducting research on Meningitis and Encephalitis with resources that will enable them to conduct this research around the world. For this reason a Scientific Advisory Council has been formed with leading medical specialists in this field from home and abroad, in which the most important disciplines are represented: neurology, virology, molecular microbiology and clinical pharmacology. The fight for the cure of Meningitis and Encephalitis is of course not possible without the help of donors, sponsors, volunteers and ambassadors. The foundation therefore wants to collect as much money as possible through sponsorship campaigns and donations.


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