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Are you participating in a sporting event, such as a running event, a cycling race, golf event, triathlon or kitesurfing? Do you have a party and don’t know what to ask your guests? Do you want to organize an action for a good cause with your colleagues or school? Are you organizing an event for a good cause yourself?

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Some tips from ME

  1. Create a personal action page
    An action page with your personal story and photos creates more donations. Upload some photos related to you and your action. Tell why you started the campaign. Most of your supporters will donate because they feel connected with you and want to support you.
  2. First a few donations, then look for publicity
    Before you draw attention to your campaign, it is wise to already have a few donations. Before asking all other people to donate, ask your family and best friends in person to make a donation. A good example tends to be followed.
  3. Put the link of your promotion page in your signature below your emails
    That way, everyone who receives an e-mail from you will see your promotion.
  4. Personal contact and via mobile
    Tell at work, school, club, in the canteen and during parties about the action you started. And then ask them directly to sponsor you and not wait until they get home. Everyone can easily view and donate your promotion with their smartphone, possibly with a Tikkie.
  5. Post blogs regularly and share them on social media
    In your blog you can tell how your promotion is going and you can share it on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The power of a message lies in its repetition…
    Some examples of status updates:
    • If you are taking part in a sporting event: share a bit about your preparations and take pictures of it. Tag the people involved in your preparation in your post.
    • Publicly thank people every time you receive a donation. As others see this, they will be more inclined to do so. Really, it helps!
  6. Involve your donors in your final sprint!
    Experience shows that the last two weeks of your campaign are the most donated. That is the final sprint for your action. Make good use of your final sprint and ask your donors for help. Because they will also want you to reach your target amount.
  7. Approach companies to sponsor you
    Don’t forget to also approach companies to sponsor you. Your employer, a good customer, a great supplier. As a thank you, you can write and distribute a special news item / blog with their name in it. Or place their logo as an image on your promotion page.
  8. Hold on: keep reminding people!
    Not everyone will donate immediately. So send nice reminder emails or WhatsApp messages if they haven’t donated yet. Persistence wins.

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